Top Rare Coins in Numismatics

Lebanese 250 Lira coin

This coin is circulated and commemorative coin which is issued in Lebanese Republic from 1995 to 2014. It is still used in the Transactions in Lebanon which hold the legal tender whose face value is equivalent to 250.00 lira. This is produced by the Royal Canadian Mint in Ottawa and later on distributed by the Bank of Lebanon in Beirut. The circulated struck was from 1995 to 2003 which was made by aluminum-bronze alloy, later on uptown 2016 they started composing by Nordic gold according to Bank of Lebanon’s website. but there is still discussion with the Krause’s standard catalog of world coins which says its made up of aluminum-bronze. It weight 5 gram and measure around 23,5 millimeters in diameter and 1.5 in thickness.

In my collection of rare coins i had added this coin which is of Non-circulating Coin 2012 whose composition is Nordic gold and partially rhodium plated called “Lucky Coin”.

Lira ( collectable rare coin in 2020)

Austria 5/10 Kruezer 1859 A.D.

This piece of Coin is small imperial eagle with Habsburg -Lorraine and Austria arms founded by Franz Joseph (1848-1916) which is Standard Circulation coin embedded in 1858- 1866 composted with copper. This coin is collectable rare coin that we can add to our collection which gets decimalized in 1857-1892 where I have Piece of 1859 A.D. The weight is 1.7g which is round with the diameter of 17.2mm and thickness of 1.0mm.

This currency was a currency of lands of the House of Habsburg which was later replaced by the krone/ korona as gold standard. Until 1806 Austria was one of the leading of HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE. In 1954, the conventionsthaler replaced the Reichsthaler as currency holy Roman empire. The Gulden was define as the half of a conventionsthaler which was equals to 1⁄20 of cologne mark of silver. later the Gulden was divided into the 60 kreuzer which gets wind up into the Holy empire in 1806 which becomes standard and remains until 1892. Later on 1857, Vereinsthaler was introduced in German confederation and Austria-Hungary which was around 16Β 2⁄3 grams which was less than the silver.

This was slightly less than ​1Β 1⁄2Β times the silver content of the Gulden. Consequently, Austria-Hungary adopted a new standard for the Gulden, containing two-thirds as much silver as the Vereinsthaler. This involved aΒ debasement of the currency of 4.97%. Austria-Hungary alsoΒ decimalizedΒ at the same time, resulting in a new currency system of 100 Kreuzer (krajczΓ‘r) = 1 Gulden (forint) and ​1Β 1⁄2Β Gulden = 1 Vereinsthaler.

In 1892 the Austro-Hungarian Gulden was replaced by the krone, at a rate of 2 Krone (korona) = 1 Gulden. In 1946 theΒ Hungarian Forint (magyar forint) was re-introduced and remains the officialΒ currency inΒ Hungary.

Kreuzer (collectable rare coin in 2020)

As a Numismatics I recommend that this rare coin is collectable and affordable in 2020 as if you want to start the Numismatic Hobby. I think being a Old coin collector we can connect with every coin which carry it’s own uniqueness and story with it. which is very attractive and fascinating this days.

Chinese Iron Bullet Money (1950-80s)

This Piece is very fascinating in the history of the rare coin collection. This is Javanese etched iron ball-shaped charms, which was made in surabaya in 1950-80s, with Malay-Arabic ,Javanese and Chinese inscription design or thumb print design as well. They have been seen in the market of European and American market in 1970s -802 where it was described as a unidentified Sultanate on Borneo. In the Recent research it have believed that they are magical and good-luck charms produced from about 1959 in surabaya on java. ( Oriental Numismatic Society Newsletter in 1987).

In Indonesia this bullet money called as Peluru Pitunang, Buntat Besi Pitunang or Peluru Bahari. They believe this is a talisman and owning this will help you get a better target of your shooting when you go for hunting. Your shot will be right into target, even though you shot to the south and the animals located in the north; you will never missed your target. They also suggest that owner of this talisman doesn’t bring this when they board a flight. They believe the airplane cannot fly when the talisman is on board.

In Thailand, there are also information about bullet money consisted of round balls of silver and gold and called as Pod Duang. Pod Duang currency used since the early Sukhothai dynasty in 1781 and was in use for more than 600 years until its abandon in the reign of King Rama V of the Rattanakosin Dynasty. The earliest of the Sukhothai Dynasty were in three sizes and valued in weight; one bath, half bath and quarter bath. The value of gold and silver is consider the same but the gold will look smaller then smaller because of its greater density. Until 1360, everyone are allowed to make their own bullet money provided that they conformed to government spesifications. By the time of Ayuthaya, they were some 22 different marking. The design of Pod Duang come from cowrie shell and most of the early money had hole in them, suggesting that they maybe strung together to carry around. The end for Pod Duang came when King Mongkut in 1860 declared that the currency will be change to fiat money design.

Bullet coin (Collectable rare coin in 2020)

This fully round around 3cm which weight around 53.18 Gr. The little own is 1.3cm and weight around 8.84 Gr. Having one of the piece in your collection will make your collection curious to others.

Isn’t this rare coin fascinating Bullet money collectable ?

New Zealand 50 cents 1994

This rare coin is only non-circulating bimetallic coin made by aluminum-bronze center in copper-nickel ring ever issued by New Zealand whose observe is crowned portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II facing right within inner circular, legend around 1994 and reverse have the barque HMS Endeavour, commanded by Capt. James Cook on his first exploration of the Pacific in 1769-1771, sailing to the right, passing in front of Mount Taranaki (Mount Egmont), largest denomination. The value of the rare coin is 50 cents which diameter is 32mm, mass of 5.00g, and thickness of 1.70mm which is composited by nickel-plated steel designed by Lan Rank-Broadley (observe) and Reginald George James Berry(Reverse) on 1967.

Highest denomination 50 cents ( rare coin)

New Zealand adopted decimal currency on 10 July 1967 and $5,000,000 with of 50 cent coin issued that year which means there was no further minting was involved. Isn’t this FACT Surprisingly cool.

Mauryan Punch Marked Coinage (322 B.C. to 185 B.C.)

If we digging in into the rare collection i will never forget to recommend this punch marked coinage in India dates in between 6th and 2nd century with irregular shape. After Mauryan period this rare coin got issued in large quantities which is 50-54 grains of silver depending on wear and 32 rattis in weight, and and earlier coins are flatter than later coins. Punches on these coins count to 450 different types with the most common theΒ sun and six-armed symbols, and various forms of geometrical patterns, circles, wheels, human figures, various animals, bows and arrows, hills and trees etc. This carried the stories in Manu, Panini and Buddhist Jataka which circulate in north until first century.

Mauryan Coinage ( Rare collection)

It was firstly minted in 6th century BCE by mahajanapadas of the into-gangetic plain before the invasion of Alexander the Great in the 4th century BCE. According toΒ Joe Cribb, Indian punch-marked coins go back to the mid-4th century BCE or slightly earlier, and actually started with the punch-marked coinage of the Achaemenids in theΒ Kabul/GandharaΒ area.9th-century proposals which suggested an origin from as early as 1000 BC, independent of the introduction ofΒ coins in Asia Minor, are “no longer given any credence”.

FACT : In early india from 400 BC to 100 CE coins were made up of Silver and copper, and bore animal and plant symbols on them.

Being Numismatic and a collector of rare coins I want to suggest are this 5 rare coins. you can make Collection coins as your hobby which is both fascinating and rewarding. If you can see there are exotic world of numismatics which is disciplined collection of currency and detailed study where a person gets into this hobby gets into serious collection.

Who knows any coins you have right now from your past lives may cost Millions, Billions…


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