Coin Collecting Tips For Beginners

Every Person in this World start there Coin-Collecting journey with interesting coins in their pocket change, any coins they found in there closet, inheriting a coin collection or acquiring the coin in so many means are the reason to collect the rare and valuable Coins. We get excited and see are we going to get rich real quick. Here are some tips I want to share you a Profitable and Useful Tips in your coin collecting Journey.

1) Start simple

We have to start simple and smaller purchases of the coin sets which will be easy to assemble. we must focus on the history of the coin and see how to grade them and the coin pricing fluctuations in the market. You can start from Pennies or any other moderate price in your local town or online. If the budget is higher You can start from collection of Indian Head pennies I had started from it. Then I went to Foreign collection where I focused on High denomination coins. You can see the rare collection if you want references.

coin collection @carismatixworld

2) Join a club

One of the best way is to join a club or group from internet as well. But before Joining their group you must check how serious are they in Numismatics. Before you are aware of coin we should keep in track on error coins, copper coins, liberty seated type coins and much more. In this Era of internet after COVID-19 situation people around the world will be Jumping into the internet Business. So that the bigger dealers will be informing us about Coin collection and so many Educational Numismatics information right where your needs will meet.

coin collection

3) Visit Coin exhibition or coin shop

we can purchased coins online which is lot much easier for you to buy and collection but the biggest con is to find good dealer in the market. A good dealer will always be honest with you to work for long-term relation. You should find a good dealer at first where you just can purchased less amount and check either his services is good or not? I think as our every money is valuable I recommend you to visit exhibition happening in your local area where you can get opportunities to hold, inspect and compare the coins you are going to get purchase. It is less chance of getting fraud. Then If you are satisfy with the what you purchased you can start to deal with the dealer and from internet as well.

Source: Saurabh photography (hot wheels)

3) Store your coin very carefully

We know Coins are made up of metal as we thing it is tough and hard but Remember the surface of coins are very delicate and can be damaged easily. Metal could react with the environment so we should have a Catalog or any other storage which will protect your valuable coin collection. The dealer will considered that you should handle the coin carefully if they had cleaned them. you should handled it carefully as is could be damaged coin. the damaged coin could reduce the value of coin may make it worthless. So be Careful.

4) Be patience with your coin collection

The Coin collection will get appreciated over time you should be patience about it. You should be getting frustrated very quickly which will make you to sell your beautiful collections. Take your time before purchase check the deal, Never take the first coin that comes along wait for the quality you are seeking which will be at reasonable price that you are willing to pay. This hobby can last for your life.

5) Buy the Book

Buy the book before you buy a coin. People how have sold their coin collection and have become MILLINERS have followed this simple rules to buy the book first and also taking time to learn about the coins. I have also purchased lots of book before i started the collection as I will share the links and the books if you like to later on this website because I like to share my knowledge with you. Internet is a great source for the information and sometimes misinformations are also leading your path so that I recommend you to purchases the books about coin collection. I want to share you the book links and informative links which is in my section.


Use PVC-free plastic bags or slabs ( sealed, hard plastic cases)

Use acid-free paper sleeves or envelopes, tubes, or folders or albums.

Never handle with bare hands use only cotton, retain the value after handling them properly.

Always pick up by edges & hold with soft towels.


3 thoughts on “Coin Collecting Tips For Beginners”

  1. Thanks for your tip on starting simple when collecting coins so that they will be easy to assemble. My dad was a known coin collector in our town and I want to continue his legacy. I’m not sure where to start or what to collect !

  2. You made a good point when you said that it is important to have a catalog or any other storage that can protect your valuable coin collection. This is a great tip for me because I am planning to collect ancient Greek coins and other rare coins. What I want is to ensure that my collection is going to be kept damage-free, so your tips will surely be helpful.

  3. I love your tip about getting a catalog and storing your coins in a safe place. I am starting a coin collection and I would love to find places that sell them! I think they are such cool collectibles and I really want to invest in more of them.

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