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TIBET 100 SRANG 1942-59

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Issuer TibetΒ (China)
Type Standard banknote
Years 1942-1959
Value 100 Srang (100)
Currency Srang (1792-1959)
Composition Paper
Size 214 Γ— 138Β mm
Shape Rectangular
Demonetized Yes
Number N# 203554
References P# 11


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Human-like male and female lions holding a plate with fruits, Dalai Lama’s small red circular seal and Cha-Hsi Le-K’ung Mint black rectangular seal

Script:Β Tibetan

ΰΌ…ΰΌΰ½‚ΰ½“ΰ½˜ΰΌ‹ΰ½–ΰ½¦ΰΎΰ½Όΰ½¦ΰΌ‹ΰ½‘ΰ½‚ΰ½ ΰΌ‹ΰ½£ΰΎ‘ΰ½“ΰΌ‹ΰ½•ΰ½ΌΰΌ‹ΰ½–ΰΎ²ΰ½„ΰΌ‹ΰ½•ΰΎ±ΰ½Όΰ½‚ΰ½¦ΰΌ‹ΰ½£ΰ½¦ΰΌ‹ΰ½’ΰΎ£ΰ½˜ΰΌ‹ΰ½’ΰΎ’ΰΎ±ΰ½£ΰΌ

ΰΌ‘ΰΌ ΰΌ  སྲང་


Translation:Β The Tibetan government, by heaven appointed, is victorious in all directions, 100 Srang, The government is both spiritual and secular, the paper money’s value is One Hundred Srang


Two holy men seated under a lime tree (Tilia, Linden, Basswood), Two cranes, symbolizing longevity, Two deers, symbolising prosperity, lie on the ground in front of the lames, The old holy man, with mountains in the background, is holding magic bottle, which symbolises fertilizing the Earth, and Two flying bats, symbolizing felicity and fortune

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  1. Arvind

    Vintage piece in the best of conditions!

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