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Germany Republic Treasury Note 20000 Mark 1923 WMK:Type E


Series:1923 2nd Issue – Reichsbanknote, Republic Treasury Notes

Catalog codes:World Paper Money P-85b/2
Rosenberg R-84e

Issued on:1923-02-20

Size:160 x 95 mmC


Printer:Private Printers (Germany) – PP

Face value:20,000 β„³ – German papiermark


Accuracy: Very High

Description:6 digit dark blue serial

WMK: Hakensterne

Company logo: BB, BD, BH, BK, BM, BR, BW, BX, CD, DB, DC, DK, EB, EO, FG, FN, GD, GF, GP, HB, HH, HR, KH, KM, LE, MB, MK, MN, MV, NF, OE, PB, PG, PR, RB, RH, RP, SP, WB, WK, WW, YZ


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