Germany 1000 Mark Red Seal


Issuer Germany – 1871-1948Β 
Emperor Wilhelm II (1888-1918)
Type Standard banknote
Year 1910
Value 1000 Mark (1000)
Currency Mark (1873-1923)
Composition Paper
Size 187 Γ— 110Β mm
Shape Rectangular
Demonetized Yes
Number N# 202158
References P# 44


P#44a, 6 digit Serial Number, With Postfix Letter and Underprint Letter combination possibilities
AΒ / D, H, M, N, V
BΒ / C, D, H, M, N, V
CΒ / D, H, M, N, V
DΒ / D, H, M, N, V

P#44b, 7 digit Serial Number, with Postfix Letter and Underprint letter combination possibilities
AΒ / YC, K, N, S, T, X, Y, Z
BΒ / C
EΒ / H, J
FΒ / J, K, L
GΒ / L, M, N
HΒ / N, O, P
JΒ / P, Q, R
KΒ / R, S
LΒ / S
MΒ / S, T
NΒ / T, U
[u]O[u] / U

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Brown printed note on textured paper (vertical ribs).
Serial number appears twice in red – near the left and right edges.
Note includes two red seals of the Reichsbank Directorate

1000 | Reichsbanknote. | 1000
Ein tausend Mark
Zahlt die Reichsbankhauptkasse in Berlin ohne Legi-
timationsprΓΌfung dem Einlieferer dieser Banknote.
Belin, den 21. April 1910.

Wer Banknoten nachmacht oder
verfΓ€lscht, oder nachgemachte oder
verfΓ€lschte sich verschafft und in
verkehr bringt, wird mit Zuchthaus
nicht unter zwei Jahren bestraft.

The Reichsbank Main Branch in Berlin will pay the holder of this note 1000 Reichsmark without proof of identity.

Berlin, the 21st of April 1910
Reichsbank Directorate

Whosoever copies or falsifies banknotes or acquires and puts copied or falsified banknotes into circulation will be punished with no less than two years of prison time.


Brown printed note on textured paper (vertical ribs).
Serial number appears twice in red – near the top and bottom center

Lettering:Β 1000 | 1000



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