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Taiwan 50 New Dollars National Currency


Country Taiwan
Type Commemorative note
Year 88 (1999)
Calendar Chinese republican
Value 50 New dollars
50ย TWD = 125 INR
Currency New dollar (1949-date)
Composition Polymer
Size 166 ร— 72ย mm
Shape Rectangular
References P# 1990
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Commemorative issue

50th Anniversary of the New Taiwan Dollar’s Issue


Arabic denomination (50) in top left.
Chinese Denomination (ไผๆ‹พ) in bottom left.
Serial number above clear window with hologram of the flag of Taiwan in top right.
Arabic denomination (50) on far right.
In the center:
“A contracted drawing of the earliest issue of a one New Taiwan dollar note [P1951 1 Yuan] together with a most recently [as of 1999 AD] issued one hundred New Taiwan dollar note [P1989 100 Yuan], as well as pictures depicting a bridge, an express freeway, a railway, the electronics industry, and communications networks.” (commemorative notes from the mint) with โ€œไธญ่ฏๆฐ‘ๅœ‹โ€ โ€ไผๆ‹พๅœ“โ€œ (faint) “50” and “่‡บ็ฃ้Š€่กŒ”.

50 ไธญ่ฏๆฐ‘ๅœ‹ ๏ผˆZhลnghuรก mรญnguรณ๏ผ‰ A672981Z
ไผๆ‹พๅœ“ ๏ผˆWว”shรญ yuรกn๏ผ‰
50 ่‡บ็ฃ้Š€่กŒ ๏ผˆTรกiwฤn yรญnhรกng๏ผ‰ 50
ไผๆ‹พ ๏ผˆWว”shรญ๏ผ‰ ไธญๅคฎๅฐ่ฃฝๅŽฐ (zhลngyฤng yรฌn zhรฌ chวŽng)

50 Republic of China A672981Z
Fifty Dollars
50 Bank of Taiwan 50
Fifty Dollars Central Printing Factory


Arabic denomination (50) in top right with faint 50 to the left.
Chinese Denomination (ไผๆ‹พ) in bottom left.
Clear window with hologram of the flag of Taiwan in top left.
Date (ไธญ่ฏๆฐ‘ๅœ‹ๅ…ซๅๅ…ซๅนด่ฃฝ็‰ˆ) printed on bottom right.
In the center:
“A view of the Central Bank of China’s main building and traditional graphical representations portraying Chinese culture.” (commemorative notes from the mint)

50 50
ไผๆ‹พ ๏ผˆWว” shว๏ผ‰ ไธญ่ฏๆฐ‘ๅœ‹ๅ…ซๅๅ…ซๅนด่ฃฝ็‰ˆ ๏ผˆZhลnghuรก mรญnguรณ bฤshรญbฤ niรกn zhรฌ bวŽn๏ผ‰

50 50
Fifty Dollars The 88th year of the Republic of China


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