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Israel 100 Sheqalim 1979


Issuer Israel
Issuing bank Bank of Israel
Period State of Israel (1948-date)
Type Standard banknote
Year 1979
Value 100 Sheqalim (100Β ILR)
Currency Old Shekel (1980-1985)
Composition Paper
Size 159 Γ— 76Β mm
Shape Rectangular
Demonetized 4 September 1986
Number N# 203842
References P# 47


Sheqel series
(Series V since the establishment of the Bank of Israel)
Jewish and Israeli Personalities
1978 – 1985
(released as from 1980)

Signatures:​ Governor of the Bank Arnon Gafni; Chairman of the Advisory Council David Horowitz.​

Watermark:​ Profile of Ze’ev Jabotinsky.​

Security thread:​ On the left-hand side of the note.​

Look-through: The first zero in the number “100” In the upper left-hand corner of the front merges with the corresponding zero in the number “100” in the upper right-hand corner of the back.​

Sign for the blind:​ Parallel horizontal lines, narrow In the middle and wide in the upper and lower sides.​

Color of serial numbering:​ Black.

Pick# 47b – 2 brown squares between BANK OF ISRAEL in English and 100 in Arabic of reverse

Other Information:

Top Left:Β Portrait of Ze’ev Jabotinsky (obverse)
Top Right:Β The Shuni House Inn, in Binyamina, Israel (obverse)
Bottom:Β The Herod’s Gate entrance to The Old City of Jerusalem (reverse)


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Portrait of Ze’ev Jabotinsky; the old inn “Shuni” near Binyamina; the denomination “One Hundred Sheqalim” and “Bank of Israel” in Hebrew.​

ΧžΧΧ” שקל

Χ‘Χ Χ§ Χ™Χ©Χ¨ΧΧœ
Χ”Χͺשל”ט 1979

100 Sheqalim
Bank of Israel

Engraver:Β Royal Joh. EnschedΓ©


Herod Gate (in Hebrew: Sha’ar ha’Perachim (Gate of the flowers); in Arabic: Bab al-Zahra) in the Old City of Jerusalem; the word “Jerusalem” in microtext; “Bank of Israel” in Hebrew, English and Arabic.​

Ω‘Ω Ω 
Χ‘Χ Χ§ Χ™Χ©Χ¨ΧΧœ
Bank of Israel

(Micro print Background)

(Micro print Background)

Engraver:Β Royal Joh. EnschedΓ©



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